Chia seed with Red Apple and Pink Dragon Fruit

Chia seeds beverage, made from brewed real fruit and flowers (Andean strawberry, andean “castilla” blackberry, Amazonian hibiscus flower) and activated chia seed, sweetened with a little bit of sugar and stevia.

Chia Seeds Drink, Kosher, Vegan.

Country/Region of Origin: Ecuador
State of Origin: Pichincha

Product Ingredients/Materials: Water, berries and hibiscus flower juice (water, mulberry, strawberry, hibiscus flower, and sodium benzoate as preservative), chia seeds, sugar, less than 0.5% of berries natural flavor, black carrot concentrate, citric acid, ascorbic acid, stevia.

Packaging Dimensions: 7.68 (height) x 7.68 (width) x 6.5 (depth)
Unit of measure: 10.14 fl oz
Units per carton: 9