Italian Quinoa Crumbs

Our Italian Quinoa Crumbs is ideal for breading both meat and vegetables; the tomato and oregano in our formula gives a natural and delicious touch. Our product is made with organic quinoa and other organic ingredients. We always like to mention that quinoa contributes to your body with vegetal proteins, vitamins and minerals, so why go with regular breading? In addition, our product does not contain additives or preservatives. We always choose the highest quality ingredients!

Product of Ecuador

Ingredients: Organic quinoa flour, tomato powder, salt, onion powder, organic garlic powder, organic dried oregano, organic paprika powder, organic dried rosemary, organic bay leaf powder and black pepper.

Packaging: Boxes of 6oz. (170g)
Packing: 12 units per master case / Shelf Life: 24 Months


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